[OUTDATED VERSION - play on Kongregate or Newgrounds]

Thanks for playing my game!
It runs in my own Javascript engine, without libs and frameworks. 
Aiming for 60 FPS on even the potatoest of pc/touch device.

Programming, art, sfx, and everything else by https://twitter.com/saantonandre (me)

Here's a couple of my artworks:

Thanks for playing :)

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gettin better and better

im no where near the best. but im proud of myself.



Fun times.

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Beating a level is like cocaine, it's great.

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This game is so hard I almost threw my Chromebook XD

The ghost, THE GHOST! WHY IS IT THERE! anyways, is there any connection between the ghost and the overlord, and why is this game so hard

I know, right, the ghost just mocks you but She's funny, and this game is impossible

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I loved this game! I played it three times through to get both endings and to see if there was a different ending if you got all coins with the gold suit(there isn't, but it was still fun lol)

I still have two questions though! What's the ghost's name? And does the Overlord have a name other than the Overlord? I would love to see more of these two characters!

No, they have no names...

The Overlord has always been referred to as "Overlord" or "evil Overlord" by occasional visitors, so he grew accustomed to introduce himself as that too.
The ghost has been wandering for so long that she forgot her past life, I call her ghost girl. She has been called with dispregiative names by several mortals, as she often tricked, scared, mocked them until their -natural- death; after centuries she eventually got tired of it, since when they die it's forever and she can just mock them for a tiny fraction of time. This was before she met the Overlord

Will she kill Overlord too, you're really good at humor :)

also, he doesn't seem so evil


You know its good when you play it again to get the good ending


I want more of this game. Much more. I want more of the antics, and this stupid ghost making me die, and monsters to actually whack with my awesome sword, and 8-bit BGMs, and more powers, and puzzles, and everything! Give me more!!!


also, have you tried wacking the ghost?


But Saantonandre Can You Get A Gold Suit From Collecting All The Coins In The Game? I Got All The Coins And I Did Not Get The Gold Suit So I Want To Know Can You Even Get A Gold Suit? One More Question Are You Going To Make Anymore Updates To This Game Its So Good! I Enjoy Platformes But Not As Much As This One. THX!

Thanks Mr. OverlordsNewMansionMaster !!!
I'm sorry but this version of the game is a little older than the others that I've published, you should play it on Newgrounds or Kongregate to earn the golden skin 

Thx! I Got The Gold Suit!

press keys 1,2,3,4,5 for stuf

lol nice

how do you dance

Press E!

haha i found the secret book at the end. teaches you how to dance.

also i found how to glitch out through the walls. you have to dash at the exact corner of a brick, and you should just zap right through. 

Oh almost forgot about the secret book, you're the first one to have actually found it hahah

too easy for me fratm

fratm :(


One of my favorite platformers

Found this gem when I was bored at work. Honestly bin playing this  for more time then I have worked today.


Good game but iincompetent.

Thanks for this video :)
That's my bad if that was too difficult, it means I couldn't explain the mechanics properly!


What's this I see? Another precision platformer game? Well aren't I just a sucker for mental anguish and punishment? (Answer: yes).

This is so beautifully designed and put together, though, so to be honest despite the murderous rage and multiple deaths I had an amazing time playing through this game. The humour is great, the levels are all awesome and the payoff at the end (regardless of which ending you get) is totally worth the effort.

If any of you have played ANY kind of rage platformer and not destroyed your computer playing it, definitely dive into this one and give it a go, you shall not be disappointed! Well, I mean, you will be after being reminded that you've died for the 50th time, but aside from that...

As for you, good sir dev, keep up the amazing work and I'll keep coming back for more! =)

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I absolutely love this game. I actually found a few ways to glitch through the walls in the castle and made sure to use it to my best advantage.

Please teach me! people keep reporting me that but I cannot reproduce it so it's really hard to fix :'(


I got stuck in this part. Maybe you could add a restart button for situations like this.

but beside this, i had so much fun playing your game :)

Hey thanks for playing this far!
That is the last level and it is here as a placeholder... so there's nothing to see anyway, except for one last book to the right of that map.
Your progress is saved, you can always refresh and continue :)
I'm gonna add the respawn button (along with the reworked maps and new mechanics) in the next patch

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I see. I was gonna ask about the right of the map. I can't reach the ballons here. Maybe it needs nome adjustments?

And yeah, i found out about the save. Thank god. I tought i would have to play evething again and die a thousand more times to try that level again. 

I'm looking foward for the updates :)

Oh nevermind, don't bother going for the book. Due to recent changes in the physics you can't reach that place anymore :x

Will fix that asap

Oh, ok. Thanks for the replies. I will check it again another time then. Good job.

Already hotfixed :) don't expect anything special hahaha


Thanks :)

wait, you can go outside?

yeah, in the alpha version x)


i like it but ive no idea how to get over that big gap on the bouncy balls level  :(

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it's not an obvious mechanic, I know, but you can dash into balls to get bounced away, I've explained it poorly in that tutorial book... thanks for playing anyway :)


ahh , got it now , thanks !  have to say the game gets insanely hard later on , particularly the level after the blobs one ... i think i would have put some sort of checkpoints in the levels to stop repetition though .

Thanks again for the feedback, I've just made some levels a little bit easier :)
I won't implement checkpoints for tiny maps like those tho, otherwise the players wouldn't get punished at all